Beginning in 2003, the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace has commissioned periodic polls to understand the Israeli public’s positions regarding outstanding issues that relate to the Israeli-Arab conflict, and specifically to measure Jewish Israelis’ support for a two-state peace agreement. The polls, conducted by respected Israeli research institutes, have sought to measure this support in two ways: sometimes asking respondents about their support for a peace deal presented in one sentence, and other times outlining in detail the various components that would make up a peace agreement.

Key Findings:

The resulting data show consistently strong majority, ranging from 50%-70%, in support of a comprehensive, two-state agreement. The data also shows that support for apeace agreement reaches high into the 80th percentile when additional Israeli requirements — such as a strong security fence or a mutual defense treaty with America — are included. The data also show that support amongst Jewish Israelis for the two-state solution remains constant even during times of crisis (such as the Lebanon War in 2006 and the Gaza War in 2008).