The S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace is a leading expert on the border issue related to the Middle East conflict, at times helping decision makers make informed decisions about the borders. Over the past few years, the Center has contributed to the development of an extensive map database, covering the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.The following is a small sample of our database. It is presented as an interactive tool displaying different options for border demarcation between Israel and Palestine. Click on each layer name under the legend to present it or to remove it and use zoom in/out at your convenience.

- The 2.2 borders alternative is the final borders outlined by the Geneva Initiative.
- Not all of the land included on the Israeli side for swapping to the future Palestinian State is of equal quality. Some of it is desert land that the Palestinians have been reluctant to accept. This is mostly true for the higher percentage scenarios.
- The numbers of Israeli settlers that would need to be evacuated in each scenario varies between roughly 70,000 (under the 7% alternative) and 165,000 (under the 1.8% alternative).


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